Judea Pearl and Causality

Judea Pearl, who is one of the more influential authors on knowledge representation, causal reasoning, and AI wrote a book in 2000 titled “Causality: Models, Reasoning, and Inference“.  (Dr. Pearl is also as it happens Daniel Pearl’s father)

On his page that describes why he wrote the book, he relates an interesting anecdote about the scientific community’s avoidance of discussion about causality, and how that is a problem. His book was intended to help “students of statistics who wonder why instructors are reluctant to discuss causality in class; and students of epidemiology who wonder why simple concepts such as ‘confounding’ are so terribly complex when expressed mathematically”. His summation:

“Causality is not mystical or metaphysical.
It can be understood in terms of simple processes,
and it can be expressed in a friendly mathematical
language, ready for computer analysis.”


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