Unified Data Feed on Web2Express

AJ Chen has just released a new service that allows users to create data feeds that can be published in RSS 2.0, RDF, and ATOM depending on the user’s preference.

His announcement email to the W3C semantic web list:

“One of the big challenges facing semantic web is to encourage people to put out their data in semantic format on the web. I have been looking into practical areas where semantic web can make real difference.  Datafeed is such an area, I believe. Yesterday, I just released a  free new online tool – unified data feed on web2express.org. I hope people will find it useful for creating data feeds for products, news, events, jobs and studies. Besides the feeds, all of the data are also openly available as RDF. “

Worth checking out.  Aside from repackaging existing feeds in a more flexible format, he has a number of feeds for various products and other entities.  The secret sauce of course is whether or not you can get people to agree on using a particular set of schemas for representing, say, product price.  From what I can tell, he’s coming up with his own microformats for that.


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