ebXML’s Context Table

ebXML’s context table outlines the different classes of context that the ebXML model recognizes.  “Context” in this case is business context – the set of circumstances around the transmission of business process related information.

ebXML Context

Click the image for a larger-sized picture of what a context representation in ebXML might look like, and where it fits in.

The things that are in this context model are obviously skewed towards electronic interchange of business information (e.g. a high-level context type of “Geopolitical/Regulatory”) but they do have a number of types that could be reinterpreted in much broader ways, for example “Partner Role”, “Info Structural Context”, and everybody’s favorite – “Temporal”.

This is interesting because it’s a practical implementation of context that bites the bullet and categorizes all possible contexts as a fixed number of types.


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