Type discipline and missing values

Type discipline and missing values – from Poetix.

Fabian Pascal rails against the very notion of NULL.


One response to “Type discipline and missing values

  1. Some very quick notes.
    Given past focus on text/perl, we already like weak (or fuzzy type variables). However, I object to “maybe” on grammatical grounds: it reverses the noun-adj relationship. Perhaps “flextype,” “fuzzytype,” “weaktype,” etc.

    More musing…
    You could also reverse the structure (but not get the same functionality). You could pipe an uncertain value to a strongly typed variable through a function called maybe().

    In both approaches, someone needs to formulate standards but I think it is easier with a flextype than a function.

    Maybe() might tap a huge semantic engine. Maybe() seems like it might creep towards being too tightly coupled to the logic of the program. Perhaps maybe() is a textbook polymorphic situation.

    You were doing essentially this structure when every string could contain an embdded part number and everything requires parsing/analysis with action dependent on extraction and classification.

    find&extract(textfield, partnum)

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